Our participants come from around 80 countries and work in a wide array of development-oriented organizations, financial institutions and national governments. They represent all sectors, professional levels and ages. PRiME alumni benefit from a capable network which continues to interact and share experiences long after the courses have ended.


PRiME can be a platform for connecting with other colleagues, not just for learning about M&E.

Cletus Yenet Kayenwee. Ghana.
Participant of Fundamentals of M&E

The most attractive thing about PRiME is the valuable networking. I got to see different practices and different cultures working in rural development.
This was very special for me.

Nasandelger Zandan. Mongolia.
Participan of Fundamentals of M&E

The learning and application of Theory of Change and ‘LogFrames’ improved our project.
Our ‘LogFrame’ had more than 100 indicators, now we only have 15 which are more operative and efficient to quickly track our work.

Luis Sáez Guillén. Peru.
Participant of Fundamentals of M&E

When doing M&E, we also have to learn to communicate results. This course is a great opportunity to learn how to do this.

Claudia Sáenz. El Salvador.
Participant of Fundamentals of M&E

The curriculum is very good, it has an ideal aggregation level where all of the participants can easily apply all of the concepts to their countries andtheir rural reality.

Sophie Álvarez.
Trainer of Fundamentals of M&E

The materal of the course is appropriate for filling theoretical gaps.
That helps the participants to join the dots in their everydat work.

Charles Amotey.
Trainer of Fundamentals of M&E